Marathon Fishing Areas

Impacts of fishing the same spot

We hope you understand that fishing is an environmentally impactive sport, and that by sharing our spots we are ensure their use by many future fisherman, affecting the fish population in those areas. Please do your part to ensure your spots stay clean and thriving by following all laws and regulations, and picking up after yourself! All fish, especially sharks, need a steady flow of water in order to prolong survival. You should always return fish to the water as soon as possible when releasing, and let large fish and sharks remain in the water. Remember in order to fish from land for sharks in Monroe County you must have a shore based shark permit: a free license awarded at the end of a short online class, required for anyone fishing from shore for sharks. Click here to return to navigation!

Bridge Fishing in Marathon

Bridges can be a fisherman’s best friend for landing a catch on both land and water. There are several bridges located throughout marathon and middle keys considered prime grounds by locals. Keep the wind and tide in mind when fishing from land, since many bridges only allow you fish easily in a single direction! Highlighted below are several popular fishing bridges in the area. Many fishing spots in marathon are only accessible by foot so plan ahead! Click here to return to navigation!

popular fishing bridges

marathon fishing bridges
fishing bridges of the middle keys

The Seven Mile Bridge

The newly reopened seven mile bridge is one of Marathon’s most popular fishing grounds. With fishing somewhat available off both sides of the bridge (better when the tide is flowing to the gulf), and a wide variety of species to catch supporting themselves off each pilon’s artificial reef, it is truly Marathon’s go to fishing grounds both by land and by water. By land, the old bridge is accessed through the parking area or by parking nearby and walking. Click here to return to navigation!

Seven Mile Bridge fishing area

seven mile bridge
Former popular fishing area Seven Mile Bridge

Long Key Bridge fishing grounds

Long Key Bridge is the second most popular fishing bridge in the Marathon and Duck key area. Accessible by parking, and better for fishing the ocean side. This one involves a lot of walking! Click here to return to navigation!

Long Key Viaduct

fishing bridge marathon
Long Key Fishing Bridge

KOA Bridge area

A hidden gem, the KOA bridge is better for fishing the ocean side, and poor in the other direction. The parking for the bridge is located before you reach the KOA campground in Upper Sugar Loaf Key. Click here to return to navigation!

KOA bridge fishing area/ parking

marathon fishing bridge
Cudjoe Bridge

No Name Key Bridge fishing spot

One of the the only fishing bridges in the keys that allows you to fish both sides easily! Very popular Big Pine fishing area. Make sure to always have your shore based, saltwater fishing permits ready at this location as it is a hot spot for FWC. Click here to return to navigation!

No Name Key Fishing Bridge

fishing bridge marathon
no name bridge fishing area

Shore Fishing Areas in Marathon

When fishing on land, and not on a privately owned dock, the other option is fishing from shore or shallows. There are several popular areas often used to pull off on the side of the road and go wading! These spots are sometimes best found by searching for tire tracks when traveling between islands. The locations on the map are approximate, so make sure to do some scouting! Click here to return to navigation!

Spots to go wading around Marathon

wading spots marathon
shore fishing Marathon

Fishing Spots on Marathon’s Waters

When looking for fishing spots on the water in the Marathon area, your actions are guided mostly by the wind. No one likes it rough, so when not inshore always use the land to block the winds. You might be surprised how heading into the gulf yields drastically different results than staying on the ocean side. In general there are more fish in the Ocean, but strong currents and muddy waters can make it hard for fish to find your bait. The best spots are at the points where the depth changes quickly- channels, ledges, and holes. Using a sonar and depth chart is the best way to find these areas! For more information on how to use a sonar, check here. Click here to return to navigation!

Marathon Fishing Areas

fishing grounds marathon
Fishing Spots Marathon

Sharing fishing spots

The spots below are general fishing grounds in and along the Marathon area, good fishing areas are anywhere the water changes quickly from deep to shallow (channels), holes, and rocky areas. Make sure to visit our bait shop to bait up!

We hope you understand that fishing is an environmentally impactive sport, and that by sharing our fishing areas we ensure their use by future fisherman. Monroe County Fisheries struggles with overfishing in a tourism centered economy, please do your part to ensure your spots stay clean and thriving by following all laws and regulations!

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Keys Maritime Specialty Bait and Seafood Market, Marathon

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