Marathon Key Fishing Areas

Shore Fishing in Marathon, FL

Shore fishing spots from left to right

  • 7mile bridge fishing area, as well as wading in the shallows before
  • Sombrero Beach
  • Fisherman’s Point
  • Curry Hammock State Park, hidden gem. Entry Fee, so plan a day.
  • Wading spots can be found on the road going north by looking for tire tracks on the left hand side, many of the these are well used and its likely to see other fisherman, mostly because they can yield great results.
  • Not on Map: Bridge fishing from Long Keys Bridge or a trip down south to KOA Bridge or No name Bridge
shore fishing map
shore fishing Marathon

Fishing Spots on Marathon’s Waters

Marathon Sea Bottom Map

sea floor map depicting surface

Marathon Key Fishing Grounds

fishing spots picture
Fishing Spots Marathon

For More Fishing Spots

For more details on fishing spots, including the types of fish that are hot in each area check out our species targeting guide

Bridge Fishing in Marathon, FL

popular fishing bridges

marathon fishing bridges
fishing bridges of the middle keys (non- clickable)

The Seven Mile Bridge

Seven Mile Bridge fishing area

seven mile bridge
Former popular fishing area Seven Mile Bridge (Clickable)

Long Key Bridge fishing spot

Long Key Viaduct

fishing bridge marathon
Long Key Fishing Bridge (Clickable)

KOA Bridge area

KOA bridge fishing area/ parking

marathon fishing bridge
Cudjoe Bridge (Clickable)

No Name Key Bridge fishing spot

No Name Key Fishing Bridge

fishing bridge marathon
No name Key Bridge Fishing area (clickable)
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