Fishing Pole Rentals

Keys Maritime is proud to announce the commencement of its fishing pole rental program. For just $10 a day ($20 deposit) everyone 18+ who has fished before can rent a fishing pole or poles for the day.

  • Rental Forms must be filled out and completed before equipment rental. The rental form, as well as an easy method of filling it out, can be found lower on the page
  • Fishing Poles are to be returned by 8PM or a late fee will be incurred. This does not mean show up at 8PM with your pole, the pole must be checked in by 8PM.
  • Poles and reels must be rinsed after use, for a how to video on rinsing a rod and reel after fishing in saltwater, click here.
  • Fishing Poles are not to be taken into water above the ankles, that means no wading. Sorry.
  • You must have a Florida saltwater fishing license to rent a rod, and follow all local laws and regulations while fishing. Click on the links for more information on Monroe County Fishing Regulations, or shore based fishing permits like the shore based shark permit.
  • If a pole gets wet with salt water immediately rinse it with a light spray of fresh water and call the shop.
  • You must be 10 years old to use a fishing pole.
  • A list of fishing spots can be found here on our website. We recommend bridge fishing or banks!
  • Scroll down to find out more about the rods we rent, or to complete and turn in the rental forms.

About the fishing rods

rod rental dock

The fishing poles we rent are 20lb poles with equal sized reels, lighter sized tackle is available for sale in the store along with everything you need to go fishing.

Keys Maritime Specialty Bait and Seafood Market, Marathon FL

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Keys Maritime Charters, Seafood and Specialty Bait LLC is a locally owned and operated company.

We have been serving the Middle Keys since 2009 and are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and best selection of live and frozen baits in Marathon, FL.

Please complete the rental form at the address below, then download the completed pdf and upload it below, or print it out and take it to the shop. A copy of the form has been placed here for your convenience.

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For more information about our products or services call 305-393-4245 or visit us at 890 15th St. Ocean, Lot 3, Marathon, FL ©Keys Maritime Charters Specialty Bait and Seafood LLC

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