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Local seafood market and bait Shop Marathon FL: Rent fishing poles. Shop live shrimp, pinfish, pilchards, mullet, goggle eyes, and blue runners!

Fishing Pole Rentals, Marathon FL

Fishing Rod, Floating Pen, and Gear Rentals

Fishing Pole and equipment Rentals are to be picked up and returned to shop by time on rental agreement.

Keys Maritime now offers fishing rod, fish floating pen, shrimp bucket, and air bubbler rentals in Marathon, fL. Starting on Dec. 2nd 2022 we will begin to rent everything you need to go fishing to those over the age of 18. Read more below about our program as well as detailed information about the types of fishing gear we rent.

Fishing Rods

rod rental dock
rod rental dock

Fishing Poles are normally rented at a daily rate for single days. Should proper identification be provided and accepted, they may be rented for longer periods.

Medium Fishing Pole-$6/day
Pole Security Deposit– $35per pole returned in full at time of successful rental return. Security Deposit is payed in addition to rental rate.

Fish Pen and Equipment Rentals

Fishing Gear rental store
Fishing Gear

Fish Pens, floating pens, and buckets can be rented daily from our store on 15th St. in Marathon. A deposit suffices for bucket rentals.

Regular Bucket– $1/day and $5 deposit
Fancy Bucket– $2/day and $10 deposit
Shrimp Bucket– $3/day and $11 deposit
Floating Pens– Call 305-393-4245 for details

bait pen rental

Keys Maritime Specialty Bait and Seafood Market, Marathon FL

Keys Maritime Charters, Seafood and Specialty Bait LLC is a locally owned and operated company.

We have been serving the Middle Keys since 2011 and are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and best selection of live and frozen baits in Marathon, FL.